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Skyquest Aviation LLC (SQA) and its sister company – Templar Helicopters – is an                experienced provider of a full range of training services designed to help  government,    military, and civil organizations make optimal and efficient use of their resources. 

SQA offers a full array of professional training programs covering four areas of expertise:

  •             Flight Training
  •             Maintenance Training               
  •             Specialized Training
  •             Tactical Mission Training

  SQA provides mission-critical training and equipment to government, military, civil              organizations.  Nothing is more important as a force multiplier than well trained                    personnel – flight crew, systems operator or maintainer.

  SQA assists organizations in becoming more effective through implementation of                  standards and performance-based training.  Working closely with the client to   develop      and execute specific exercises and training programs enable organizations to discover,        validate and prioritize core competencies and critical skills that will   document their            readiness and mission preparedness.

  An FAA certificated aviation services operator
 Our certifications and endorsements impose a much higher demand on Personnel                 Training, Qualifications, Aircraft Maintenance, Flight Operations, Safety, Quality                   Control  (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA)
 A certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
 We are highly experienced with:
 Conducting CONUS and OCONUS UH-60 day and night flight/aerial operations
 Conducting US Army pilot initial entry, and graduate aviation MTP training
 The nuances associated with providing OCONUS support personnel (SPOT, LOAs, ITAR,   etc.)
Providing UH-60 flight and maintenance support personnel mentorship and OJT training
Developing DCMA 8210.1C compliant Flight and Ground Operational Procedures (FOPs/GOPs)
Developing and implementing DA PAM 385-90
Army Aviation Accident Prevention Programs